Kawasaki Versys 650


A great little middleweight tourer.

Kawasaki Versys 650 Is Available For Hire From Auckland Motorbike Hire

Kawasaki's brilliant middleweight Versys is an ideal bike for touring New Zealand. Unmatched reliability, great fuel economy, light weight and a bike built for comfort and the ability to ride all roads.

The Versys' handling and set up is perfect for New Zealand's conditions. Whether fast open highways or our tight, twisty and sometimes bumpy back roads, the 650 Versys soaks it all up. 

Off Peak (from 1st April to 19th December) Rates.

  • 4 to 7 days. NZ$170.00/day.
  • 8 to 14 days. NZ$160.00/day.
  • 15 to 21 days NZ$150.00/day.

Peak (from 20th December to 31st March) Rates.

  • 4 to 7 days. NZ$180.00/day.
  • 8 to 14 days. NZ$170.00/day.
  • 15 to 21 days. NZ$160.00/day.

What We Include

 Full Luggage


 Power Socket

 Roadside Assistance