When to ride?


When is the best time to hire a motorcycle in New Zealand from Auckland Motorbike Hire?

 There is no doubt that hiring a motorbike in New Zealand for a motorcycle tour is a ride of a lifetime, but when should you plan your trip?

Spring in New Zealand starts in September and this is when we start to get customers hiring motorbikes from Auckland.  While Spring can bring some rain, it also provides the motorcycle tourer with some wonderful landscapes to ride through.  Spring flowers and blossoms, lambs and green fields make for a stunning backdrop to a New Zealand motorcycle tour.  Through October and November in the South Island, roadsides are lined with Lupin flowers. A stunning sight!

The rental industry is in full swing by December through to March.  By now the weather is more settled and the temperatures are starting to rise.  If you book late however, availability of motorcycles to hire can be limited.

 One of my favourite times for riding is during the Autumn months of April and May.  Weather statistics show that by April monthly average temperatures have dropped a little but rainfall has not increased significantly.  The results can be some beautiful conditions for riding a motorbike particularly in the North Island with crisp, clear days.

By June and July, Winter has set in and most of Auckland Motorbike Hire's bikes are off the road, tucked away in the garage.