Honda Africa Twin 1000


Hire a Honda Africa Twin DCT from Auckland Motorbike Hire.

We are happy to offer Honda's wonderful adventure bike to our fleet.  This is a popular bike which is well suited to New Zealand's riding conditions.  The engine is great and certainly has some character and the DCT transmission proves to be popular with most who ride it.

A great choice for riding alone or with a passenger 

Off Peak (from 2nd March to 19th December) Rates.

  • 1 to 2 days. NZ$240.00/day.
  • 3 to 7 days. NZ$205.00/day.
  • 8 to 14 days. NZ$190.00/day.
  • 15 to 21 days NZ$180.00/day.

Peak (from 20th December to 1st March) Rates.

  • 1 to 2 days. NZ$250.00/day.
  • 3 to 7 days. NZ$210.00/day.
  • 8 to 14 days. NZ$200.00/day.
  • 15 to 21 days. NZ$190.00/day.

What We Include

 Full Luggage


 Power Socket

 Roadside Assistance